In retrospect, this body of work came from a negative place within me. I had a strong desire to make sensitive, hopeful, and introspective images in landscapes that inspired me. However, when going to these spaces, I felt exposed and vulnerable. A lone woman in a wide, open landscape had always seemed a symbol of power and divinity when I was young. But when putting myself in this environment I felt unsafe, as if I was under threat. This is of course not an irrational fear, but it made me feel weak.

The images I made over the passing months were a response to this feeling of inescapable vulnerability. Using my body as a tool to visualise and bring physicality to the psychological feeling of defencelessness, from both other people and mother nature herself. I jostled with a power play between myself and the land, submitting to her omnipotent strength whilst testing my own. Knowing that I would never recapture that adolescent sense of freedom and invulnerability, I mourned for it. 

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